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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa

This book had a more epic theme compared to the previous two books as it was about war between different feys which gets me as war allows for sacrifices and bravery which usually results in good stories. (Correct me if I'm wrong) BUT I'll be happier if some other issues arise that isn't actually from the Iron Kingdom... I'm on the verge of not picking up the last book argh. 


I shall start off with the parts of the book that I liked. I liked how Ferrum ended up as the evil guy definitely, I would be annoyed if he just disappeared because he died away.  I also liked how the writer clearly shows her love for cats, as cats survive anything because 'I am a cat'. Also, the power/importance of one's true name in the book was kinda cool when Meghan forced him off via his name. Lastly, how Meghan had to die to kill the false king. I thought it was smart of the writer because Meg had near to no glamour training and at that point in time, leaking everything which would end up deadly was the most plausible method of killing the false king, as failure wasn't an option.


Moving on, one major flaw in the story would be the lack of stronger reasonings behind why the fate of faeries have to be entrusted to a 17year old girl who barely know about feys and glamours. I really don't understand why can't Oberon and Mab storm the iron kingdom instead with amulets of iron glamour collected from maybe like a thousand gremlins, as it was understood from chapters that oldblood glamour is as deadly to iron feys as iron was to the oldbloods.


There are no major dislikes for the book except for sad puck as he has the character and just prolly lacked in the looks department. Life isn't fair even for faeries I guess HAHA. Then again, why not just kill him off heroicly since he isn't needed in the storyline much. 


Would have loved the book more if Rowan's battle before he died was more elaborated on, and also if Meghan didn't actually live just because she saved the world and deserved to live; the logic of iron merging to sustain living roots etc just doesn't make sense to me, sorry.


Lastly, is it just me or does Meghan seem to be a bitchy and annoying lady because that's the vibes I got generally.

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa

Unlike the first book, this book had a magical grip on me throughout the chapters. At first, i halfheartedly started reading it because I had already completed the first book (which wasn't that good in all honesty). However, this book was awesome beyond my original expectations!

One part that I liked alot about the book was how the bond between Meghan and her father got depicted. It had a chilling effect on me because the author managed to write it such that i felt the feelings itself which were written for the characters. I believe it was quite a plot twist for the father to actually appear like that as well, because I would have never thought he was kidnapped for his musical talent, and instead thought he had a rank in the faery world as well. BUT, shouldn't he be rescued or something?! Hoping book three would settle that issue (send him to Institute for Mental Health or something)


An improvement in comparison with the previous book was that the fight scenes were better written for us to visualize the actions and the battlefield itself. It was better thought out as well unlike the first book, where the iron king simply died from a jab by some wood with magical effects on iron.


I also liked how Virus managed to control Ash, though it ended in the only way such an event will ever end, love being the strongest stand ever *sooo cheesy my hair are standing on ends from typing it* But yes that doesn't mean I disagree with how things turned out, as I wouldn't want Ash to actually die.


Romance wise, I liked the author's effort too because both Ash and Puck were depicted as awesome guys that one would fall head over heels for, and showed why Meghan was tore between them though she originally was infatuated with just Ash (I don't understand this serious case of infatuation because all Ash did that made Meg fell in love was looking good and trying to kill her during book 1, though he became a nice guy in book 2) Guess there may be some truth to females preferring bad guys over good guys (poor Puck).


In conclusion, I would really recommend the Iron fey series to everyone out there reading this, as I believe no one, no one should be missing out on this wonderful story. Though my judgement on the first book may have been harsh, I believe the second book will more than make up for the first book, and hey, its MY review so it may be just me hating on the first book as a friend of mine felt that I was too harsh on the first book too. In all fairness to the writer, she's awesome. Very awesome.